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40 Questions

1. When did the gifts of the Spirit cease?

2. When did Paul cease to be bound for the hope of Israel and become a prisoner of the Lord for us Gentiles?

3. When was the Mystery, which had been hid in God from ages and generations, first known to Paul?

4. When did Paul cease to speak "none other things" and begin giving a message which Moses and the prophets knew nothing about?

5 When did Paul cease to look for the "rapture" and become resigned to die ?

6. When did Paul cease to preach the New Covenant?

7. When did Israel cease to be first in the preaching of the gospel?

8. When did the Gentiles cease to be a graffed-in mid olive branch and become joint-partakers of heavenly blessings with the saints?

9. When did the preaching of the kingdom of heaven cease and that of the church of the mystery begin?

10.When did both Jew and Gentile cease to be blest thru faithful Abraham and begin to be blest thru Christ only?

11. When did the distinction between Jewish and Gentile belielrs cease and the both become one ?

12 When were members of a church first called "saints and faithful?"

13 When did the preaching of the Word cease to be the sole right and prerogative of the Jew?

14. When did tongues, signs, and visions cease and faith, and faith alone, become God's order?

15 What is the boundary line between when Pau1 advised widows not to marry, and when he advised the younger widows to marry?

16. When did the events of history cease to be the fulfillment of prophecy?

17. When did water baptism cease to be (along with faith) essential for salvation ?

18. When did "signs following" cease to accompany water baptism ?

19. When did missionaries begin to have to go to school to learn the languages (tongues) of those whom they were to evangelize ?

20. When did believing Israel cease to be a chosen nation, a royal priesthood, and a holy nation?

21. When did men cease to have power to bind things on the earth heaven ?

22. When did Paul lose his power of healing ?

23. When was the olive tree, with the graffed-in wild olive branch cut down?

24. When did men cease to have equal gifts and powers and all the saints and faithful come into a prefect equality of standing before God?

25. When did churches on the earth cease to be the church of God?

26. When did covenant relation of believers with God cease?

27. When did the great tribulation, the second coming, and the kingdom cease to be at hand?

28. When did more than one baptism cease to be required and "the one baptism becomes God's order?

29. When did believers cease to look for the parousia or apocalypse and begin looking for the ephipaneia?

30. When did believers cease to know perfectly their hope and Paul begin pray that they might know "the hope of His calling"?

31. When did certain believers brgin to be quickened, raised and seated in the heavenlies in Christ?

32. When did believers cease to look for an earthly kingdom and begin to have a hope of going to heaven at resurrecton?

33. When did the calling "from the foundation of the world" cease and the calling "from before the foundation the world" begin?

34. When did Gentiles cease to be partakers of the Word which was sent Israel and receive a gospel of their own.

 35. When were the Jewish Christians who were zealous of the law, released from the obligations of the law?

36. When was the middle wall of partition broken down between Jew and Gentile ?

37.. When did all the things which Paul had wherein to boast under the law to be of any value to him ?

38. When was the Jew released his obligation of observing the Sabbath and keeping the Lord's supper?

39. When was the last time Israel came LO-AMMI (not My people)?

40. When was salvation taken from the Jews and sent to the Gentiles ? This is the key question to the rest