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2 Peter 3-‘then-now-to come -spans the ages not eternity. PLEROMA- ‘fulness’.Goal of God =fulness.

40 Min. 4.4 MB
Chart - begins and ends with God. Beginning, God was all; ending, God All in All. In all things He has pre-eminence.Christ only, has the ‘fulness’ Col 1:19   50Min. 5.9 MB
Job 38-‘Where wast thou?’ Whole plan of Ages. Chart - gaps. God fills vessel, however weak.
Emphasis on Redemption above all other subjects.
  48 Min. 5.7 MB
Isa. 40 when enemy moves, God moves. Work of 2nd day, firmament, expansion, tent, curtain, will pass
  49 Min. 5.7MB
Heb. 1 & 2 (Psa. 8) — 1st & 2nd Adam related to angels- a little lower, Christ now higher. Purpose of Ages like chessboard-God moves, enemy moves,   50 Min. 5.9 MB
2 Cor. 12 & 13. Close study of Psa. 8. What is man? clue to whole purpose.1st move: put man in garden, replenish (fill) the earth (flulness).Satan not underrated   51 Min. 5.8 MB
Consider place of Adam, Gen. 1 & 2. Creation of man not haphazard-‘purpose’- ‘Let us make’.Adam given dominion; replenish the earth = ‘pleroma’;   50 Min. 5.3 MB
Ezekiel 1.Mysterious agency at work (see Rev. 4 to 6). Cherubim indicate dominion lost, preserved, restored.   53 Min. 6.7 MB
2 Peter 2. Sheep return (1 Pet. 2:25), sows return (2 Pet. 2:22), Gospel not preached to bring sows to become sheep. Devil’s seed in the earth, sons of God   56 Min 6.7 MB
Gen. 13. God shewed Abraham land after Lot left (v. 14).Terah took Abram, to go, BUT ... (11:31).
Evil one’s move.God spared not-Satan checkmated.
  52 Min. 6.2 MB
Psalms 32 and 51. Key word -I acknowledge. One theme through whole Bible, redeeming love. Lamb of God prepared before Adam fell.   48 Min 5.9 MB
Ephesians 4. Ascension of Christ, (v.10), necessary for PLEROMA. Pedigrees, many, why? (3:15). Stage planned- coming of Christ in ‘fulness of time’. 50 Min. 6.2 MB